We offer a free telephone consultation to understand briefly what is happening and how we can help. At this point we may book you in for an initial assessment appointment with one of our therapists so that we can find out more about how you have been feeling or what difficulties you are experiencing.

During the assessment, we will meet with you individually or with a family member to hear more about your current concerns. We might ask you about certain situations, your thoughts or feelings or how things have changed. This helps us to steer therapy in the right direction for you.

Therapy is simply talking together with an independent person who is trained to help you to manage thoughts, feelings and difficult life events.

In therapy, you will work together with a therapist to understand more about your feelings, look at what may have contributed to your current distress, and test out different coping strategies and thinking patterns.

The number of sessions and frequency will depend on what we are working on and often varies from person to person. We regularly review progress.

As you or your child starts to feel better, we may agree changes to the frequency of sessions. There will also be a time when we agree that you no longer need therapy if you are feeling better, but it can be helpful to know that you can always have an occasional top-up session or come back to us for help if needed.

Yes. As an ethical principle, therapists are bound strictly by confidentiality and this is something Mirado prides itself on. Anything you tell us will be kept between you and the therapist. There is one exception to this. If we have any concerns about the welfare of you, your child or anyone else we are obliged to advise the relevant authorities of this concern. If we have to share your information, we will always try to talk to you about it first.

You will be seen by one of our experienced and friendly therapists. All our therapists are psychologists and counsellors qualified to work with children and young people.

Sometimes, young people prefer to come to the session alone. Other times they feel more comfortable if a parent or carer sits in on the session. At times, it may even be that the therapy works best if done together. Together we will figure out what is best for you.

Sometimes, parents and carers experience significant concern, worry and anxiety about the problems that their young person is experiencing. Often it is beneficial for parents and carers to have their own therapeutic space to think about how best to support a young person and process their own emotions around the difficulties. This can even be the case if the young person themselves is reluctant to engage in therapy. At Mirado, we can offer sessions for parents/carers who are concerned about the young people they care for and who may benefit from additional support. It is important to bare in mind that what is said between the therapist and young person is kept confidential and will only be shared with permission.

Consultation, assessment and therapeutic sessions usually last the recommended 50 minutes.

In each session, you will be met in the reception of our clinic by your allocated therapist. You will then take the lift or stairs to our beautiful therapy rooms. Hot and cold drinks are available. During the session, you will talk with your therapist who may ask questions to help understand your situation more. You may draw out maps of problems, how they came to be and how they are kept going. Sometimes, you and your therapist might decide to set tasks to try between sessions.

Mirado staff are registered and regulated by the Health Professions Council (the body that regulates health professionals). You can check their Practitioner Psychologist registration on their website.

You can pay by credit or debit card or bank transfer.